The circa 1903-04 Old Faithful Inn is Yellowstone’s most-requested hotel—and it deserves every bit of attention it gets. From its steep, wooden-shingled roof to its 76-foot-tall, log-walled lobby to its towering stone fireplace, you’ve never seen anything like it. Stay in the Old House if you can: Although these rooms are rustic, with log or wood-paneled walls and shared (but quite nice) bathrooms, they offer the best, most historic vibe. The crème de la crème rooms are the dormers on the front-center side of the building, with three queen beds and views over Upper Geyser Basin. The East and West Wing rooms are larger but more basic, though they have private bathrooms. Suites come with fridges, couches, and a snack basket. If you can tear yourself away from gazing at the stunning architecture, activities abound: Photo safaris, several historic bus tours, and a fascinating guided hotel tour all jump off from here.