The gateway to Sobaeksan National Park, Yeongju is a pretty city surrounded by the Sobaek and Taebaek mountains. The Naeseongcheon Stream runs along the length of the town and is a popular gathering place for residents. The tourist information booth, 349-1, Hyucheon 2-dong (tel. 054/639-6788), can be found at Yeongju Station. The city's website is

The Yeongju intercity bus terminal (tel. 054/1577-5844 or 631-1006) is located on the northwest corner of downtown Yeongju. The local bus terminal is on the same street but on the opposite end of the downtown area.

The city has more public markets than any other of its size. The largest one is located just north of the train station. There are several smaller markets across the north section of town. The eastern market, the Gongseol Shijang, is a nice one to go to in bad weather since it's covered. The market snakes out toward the west until it connects to the main Jung-ang Shijang. Another popular market is the Yeongju Pung-gi Insam Shijang (tel. 054/636-7948), which specializes in all things ginseng and is one of the largest such markets in the country. It's located right near Pung-gi Station.