The artist's studio and 17th-century house are the setting for a vast array of his sculptures and models. Examples of Croatia's most famous sculptor's renderings of famous people, religious icons, and just plain folks are exhibited inside and outside in the garden. This is a fascinating museum where you can imagine how the artist lived and worked during his years there (1924-42). Not only are finished works on display, but also sketches, models, and photographs, most notably a small study of the Grgur Ninski sculptures in Split and Nin in Dalmatia. Many other Mestrovic sculptures are installed in public areas around Zagreb and other parts of Croatia, but currently there is no all-inclusive guide that locates them. In his later life, Mestrovic lived in the United States and worked as a professor of sculpture at the University of Notre Dame, which also owns some of his works from that period. A wide array of Mestrovic's books, catalogues, and CDs are available in the gallery's small bookstore.