Orientation -- Heading south from the highway, you come first to Boca de Guamá. Continuing on, the road hits the head of the bay at Playa Larga and then follows the coast, in a southeasterly direction to Playa Girón. There are small communities in both Playa Larga and Playa Girón, but aside from the resorts, restaurants, and few attractions, there's little of interest to travelers along the road. Look out for the tiny palm-studded island of Cayo Piedra that can be seen offshore near Playa Girón -- it's Fidel's favorite (and private) holiday home.

Battle Marks -- As you walk along the beaches of Playa Girón and Playa Larga, and drive the coastal road connecting them, you will notice tall concrete monuments marking the spots where a Cuban soldier died in the fighting. You may also notice many low-lying concrete machine gun nests, with their open rears for easy entry and thin front slits for wide-angle aiming. Many of these machine gun nests have been destroyed by recent hurricanes, but if you spot one, feel free to try it on for size -- it makes a unique photo opportunity.

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