Zermatt is home to the Alps' finest mountain restaurants and Zum See counts among the resort's best. This ultra-fashionable eatery, run by the same husband and wife team for 30 years, is a popular haunt for an on-the-slopes lunch with the beautiful people of Zermatt. Located in a 16th-century three-story wooden house in a small hamlet above Zermatt, there's an intimate dining room with tiny windows and low wood-beamed ceilings, and an extensive stone patio with outdoor seating for sunnier days. Somewhat surprisingly for a mountain restaurant in a landlocked country, seafood is the specialty here, delivered ultra-fresh from Zurich every morning. Fishy highlights include a Mediterranean fish soup and king prawns in curry sauce. Swiss rustic staples like rösti or croûte au fromage (a delicious, gooey, Swiss-style cheese on toast that's soaked in white wine) are also to die for. For dessert, phone ahead and pre-order the Cremeschnitte (custard creme cake). You won't regret it!