From silver to stained glass, and from altarpieces to armor, this is the world’s largest collection of Swiss artifacts, which document civilization here from prehistory to the modern age. The displays are high-tech, the galleries are bright and spacious, and instead of the usual audio guide, there are iPads tours (available at the entrance with deposit of a passport or other personal ID). Special emphasis is given to the history of ancient Switzerland and items from the Middle Ages. The standouts here include regional costumes, Renaissance globes, and exhibits on the history of clock-making. The traditional furnishings, displayed canton by canton, are fascinating, and most kids find the gigantic scale model of the Battle of Murten (in the Hall of Fame) particularly absorbing. With over a hundred rooms to view, plus a couple of temporary exhibitions each year, it’s easy to get a bit lost and tired. If you do, just ask someone to point you towards the funky, minimalist museum café to revive yourself with some coffee and a scrumptious slice of cake.