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Going overseas for our honeymoon

by /bio/lovinghusband15 »

And we just got married…

I promised Elaine, my now wife, that we’ll travel overseas for our honeymoon. I’ve been looking for some beautiful destinations to visit starting next week, but to no avail, I just can’t decide. This escapade will last for a month so I need to choose the best. I want what’s best for her, I mean every man does. For every guys out there, I know you feel the same way like giving the best for your woman. I met Elaine at AFA’s tour in Thailand. Before deciding to go to Thailand, I was a little bit hesitant. I was thinking that I might just be wasting my time there.   But after many deliberations, and probably out of curiosity, I decided to go. I was not that excited when the plane landed to Bangkok. The staff greeted us and took us to a very luxurious hotel. The time came to meet the women, man, all my life I’ve never been surrounded by a lot of beautiful and alluring ladies. Excitement came and I enjoyed the night talking to them. And there I met Elaine, probably the most beautiful woman that night. I just can’t take my eyes off her. I talked to her a lot and asked her for a date. She said yes and our relationship have gone deeper until we came to the point of getting married.

I promised her I would take her abroad after our wedding. Now, I’m here asking for advice on places newly-wed couple should go. A place romantic enough to enjoy quality time together. So can anyone here give me some options? Asia? Africa? Croatia?

I need your help ASAP!