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Forums » Air Travel » Heathrow doomed to be replaced?


Heathrow doomed to be replaced?

by kringenwally »

A robust debate is raging in the papers and elsewhere about plans to replace Heathrow, or not...

For now it looks like the marquee should say

"The Mayor of London against the world"

This is just one of the many articles - great fun to read and watch, and who knows how it will all end?


RE: Heathrow doomed to be replaced?

by /bio/pheymont »

Replacing Heathrow comes under the heading of Relief, not Doom...


RE: Heathrow doomed to be replaced?

by /bio/garryrf »

The plans are to add a new runway to Heathrows existing 2.

Europe's largest airport unveiled possible expansion plans for a new runway that would lie either to the south-west, the north-west or the north of the two current runways, at a cost of £14-18bn, increasing flights to 740,000 a year.

All options would require the construction of a major new airport terminal.

The plans could be combined to create a four-runway hub, though Heathrow said a third runway would be sufficient until 2040.


RE: Heathrow doomed to be replaced?

by drobert360 »

The wide expanse of terminals at LHR is the part that I really dislike ... the crowds of people in the terminals and T5 seems to be located in another airport.