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Forums » Air Travel » Is one hour enough time in Denver?


Is one hour enough time in Denver?

by /bio/smart-traveler »

The first week of August I will be at Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I have no choice on westbound flights because I can't leave early or arrive late. That's OK on August 7 but the return flight is an issue. The cheaper option by $100 is one hour at DEN. Of course that would be per ticket so thisi s a $200 question. Is it worth the higher price to have more time at ORD or should I risk it at DEN on August 12? On-time arrival at MCO is 10:10 p.m. The airline is United. I fly into and out of JAC.


RE: Is one hour enough time in Denver?

by /bio/mquartz »

I use DIA all the time find it to be an efficient airport. However: Lot of Ifs and Buts and no guarantee. If you leave Jackson Hole on time and land AND DEPLANE at DIA on time and have only carry-on luggage and already have the boarding passes in hand, you should make the connection. If any of the above are negatives or just maybes, all bets are off. Checked bags may not make the connection, so label them inside and out so that they can be forwarded to your home, and pack accordingly. You’ll probably stay on Concourse B which helps.