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Forums » Air Travel » New cabin luggage rules at Iberia and easyJet


New cabin luggage rules at Iberia and easyJet

by Joanna »

This is good news.  I haven't flown Iberia but my low fare airline of choice in Europe is easyJet, in part because their checked baggage weight is 20kg rather than the 15kg of some others.  My checked bag tends to be about 13kg but I just like the idea of a company that doesn't aim to gouge and so I don't have to think about it.  This new carry-on policy reinforces my feelings about the company.


RE: New cabin luggage rules at Iberia and easyJet

by kringenwally »


Iberia has upped the size limits of cabin “hand” baggage to 56x45x25cm, including handles etc. and will be enforcing them with a measuring device at the gate. This now matches those of easyJet and British Airways.

Details at

easyJet guarantees you can keep your hand luggage on the plane. Bags measuring 56x45x25cm qualify as free cabin luggage. When a plane fills up, the crew may need to take your bag and place it in the hold, at no charge but with the hassle of the waiting time at the carousel on arrival. NEW: If you choose to carry hand luggage that is smaller than the allowable 56x45x25cm, namely if yours is no bigger than 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, then easyJet guarantees that yours will not be taken off the cabin and put in the hold when they run out of overhead space.

Details at