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Forums » Albania, Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro » Best Beach Locals?


Best Beach Locals?

by warlord »

  Am planning on my next trip in this area and was trying to figure out what places are the best beach locals?  Ones that also have enough restaurants and pubs, etc?  I had originally chose Budva, but was informed that it's really not worth it at all by several things I read and was told.  I'll be using buses to get around the country, so need sometime that can be accessed easily.

  Heard many saying Sveti Stefan is really nice, but seems too small of a town and may not be that easily accessible.

  I know the main bus route includes Kotor and Herceg Novi areas and in between, but they don't seem to be what I'm looking for.

  Bar would be nice, but thinking it's going to be too far off the path for me to see.

  So anyone have any suggestions of beach places they like in Montenegro?