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Forums » Algeria, Morocco & Libya » HELP! Surrogacy clinics in india


HELP! Surrogacy clinics in india

by jasminecolland002 ┬╗

Hi everyone! I am currently researching for a clinic in India which provides surrogacy procedure. My African cousin is currently looking for a surrogate and he was referred in a certain clinic in India named Pahlajani IVF and Surrogacy Clinic. I am not so sure about it since he will be traveling and for me it is risky. And so I am doing the research for him for other option and about this clinic I want patient testimonials. ANy opinion about the clinic? Or if you have ay other options that you can suggest please fel free to reply. Thanks!

Pauline Frommer

RE: HELP! Surrogacy clinics in india

by Pauline Frommer ┬╗

The website is an excellent resource for this sort of information. It's run by journalists who do not get any kind of commission from the medical facilities they review. I would look for information there.