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Forums » Algeria, Morocco & Libya » I am back from Morocco


I am back from Morocco

by andygello »

I have just got back from Morocco. I really enjoyed being at that beautiful country! It is the safest country in North Africa right now! It's really so sad to see what's going on in some other nice countries such as Tunisia!

I had two weeks holiday! I visited lots of places in Morocco especially the imperial cities, south of Morocco including Ouarzazate, Dades Gorges, Merzouga, Ait Benhaddou!

The best part of my trip was my stay in the high atlas mountains! It was very calm there! very fresh and clean air! Actually, I did a 3 days trek around berber villages; this was arranged by a local small company based in Imlil; its is called Toubkal Trekking.

Honestly, Morocco is a safe country to go! don't hesitate!

Pauline Frommer

RE: I am back from Morocco

by Pauline Frommer »

I wish we had spent more time in the Atlas Mountains on our last trip. They really are beautiful and the Berber villages looked fascinating. Unfortunately, we only drove through them. I think my favorite place in Morocco was Fez. And I'll echo your sentiments: yes, safe and YES, go!


RE: I am back from Morocco

by mohaghanimi »

such and Amazing comment about Morocco,and precisely the Atlas mountains,Travelers from all over the world enjoy being at such beautiful country. as you said "It is the safest country in North Africa right now" and we are sorry for our neighboors in Tunisia!   I had some American firneds who just cameback from one weeks holiday, and had same feeling about thier time in Morocco. and i,myself, visited many places in Morocco and never had any problems, people are travelers friendly and the country is pretty connected with high ways and good roads to the south,also cellphon & wifi coverage is pretty good, and 4G is provided at the big cities like Casablanca and Rabat.. Marrakesh is the number one travel destination for Moroccan's and International travelers also,and most of travel Agencies and international hotel brands are based in Marrakesh. honestly Morocco deserve to be visited