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Forums » Argentina » Tango partner, tours, lessons in Buenos Aires By Julio Corazza


Tango partner, tours, lessons in Buenos Aires By Julio Corazza

by /bio/marilynsq »

Julio was recommended by friends of mine in USA as someone to trust for any help and as a tango teacher.

He gave me excellent lessons, milonga tour, trips outside the city to Estancia and to Tigre, making personalized, escorted tours.

Julio is passionate about his country and reveals the heart and soul of The people of Argentina and Buenos Aires so you feel you get an insiders experience.. He is generous with his time, will drive you as needed in his car, and very reasonable rates. 

One of my favorite events was the Fair of Matadores with bands and every day people in native costumes dancing the folk dances not for show but for joy.

At my request he posted his contact information in the best places to tango thread. Do yourself a favor, whatever you need in BA, You will find him to have sterling character and someone who serves professionally and with charm.

Here is the website..