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Forums » Arizona » 1 or 2 nights for hte Grand Canyon in October?


1 or 2 nights for hte Grand Canyon in October?

by SMaynard »

It's my first time so I don't know if it's one of those sights that you see and then can move on. Or if it's better to explore. I do enjoy hiking....but do people do that there? I've read there's a guesthouse at the bottom, but can you use the trail to it if you're not staying there? 

Pauline Frommer

RE: 1 or 2 nights for hte Grand Canyon in October?

by Pauline Frommer »

You'll need reservations months in advance for the lodge at the bottom of the canyon. That being said, there's much to do both on the rim and hiking below the rim (wonderful ranger programs, interesting lodges with info on the geology and more). If you have two nights most definitely give it that. You won't regret it.


RE: 1 or 2 nights for hte Grand Canyon in October?

by nate33 »

How was the trip. Actually, I once 'hiked' into the grand canyon without being prepared and paid for it for weeks after it was over. 
As we (my wife and I) made our way down there were the warning signs 'Don't go beyond this point unless you are an experienced hiker', 'This is your last chance go back now', 'You might as well start writing your obituary after this point' But we just ignored them all. 
It started off well at about 8am. We were having the time of our lives running down the 4 mile trail. We decided that we were going to go down to the Colorado river. We hiked across the bottom for a couple of more miles and realized that we were not going to make it to the river. 
We had a bottle of water with us but that was long gone. Thankfully there were some water fountains along the trail (i think) so we were able to get more water.  
Finally I started to come to my senses and the reality that we had a very long hike back up and out. We had no plans to stay overnight nor did we have any gear to do so. We started hiking back. About one quarter of the way up the trail my wife decided that she could not go any further. I was pretty worn out myself and started to worry about how we were going to get out. I saw mules going by and thought that I might offer someone a sum of money to take my wife with them. We kept going a little at a time. As were were ascending I kept noticing these people passing us. They all were experienced hikers they had the appropriate gear. I also noticed that their calve muscles were about the size of my waist. It finally sank in we should not have attempted this. 
We finally made it back. I was never so happy as to go past the warning signs in the opposite direction. It was dark about 9:30 pm and we were worn out. We were able to get a room at the lodge by the trail. The next morning we woke up in excruciating leg muscle cramps. The cramps lasted for about 2 weeks. We were lucky. The obvious lesson here is HEED THE WARNING SIGNS.

Anyways, at least I have a story to tell and lots of my friends at loved it thought it did had a piainful ending for me (no idea why they loved). hope you enjoyed yours.