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Forums » Arts & Culture » Is There a Low Season Anywhere in July?

upsy daisy

Is There a Low Season Anywhere in July?

by upsy daisy »

I like to travel in off-season because of both the costs and crowds, but this year I have to travel in July. Is it off-season ANYWHERE then?


RE: Is There a Low Season Anywhere in July?

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

Sure. It will be low season in those places where it's winter. That includes New Zealand and Australia, Brazil and Argentina. I was in Brazil in August once and it was WONDERFUL! 70's and 80's rather than 80's and 90's for the tempertatures, few other tourists. A wonderful time to travel there.

Have a great time wherever you go.




RE: Is There a Low Season Anywhere in July?

by paweber »

Don't forget Mexico if you want something closer to North America. It is the rainy season in the northern tropics; expect afternoon thundershowers but if you can get around that then it is a cheaper and less crowded time of the year to visit.

Summer is low season in the Caribbean islands but monitor the weather and consider trip insurance in case your plans are interrupted by a hurricane. However if you head to the southern Caribbean the chances are much less for hurricane risk - look at Curacao, Grenada, Aruba, Bonaire and Barbados.