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Forums » Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao » Car Rentals in Bonaire: Use a Local Company


Car Rentals in Bonaire: Use a Local Company

by /bio/digitalnomad ยป

While Herts and Avis rent cars in Bonaire, there's something to be said for doing business with a locally owned company. Flexibity and friendliness being the most notible. This isn't to say that the emplyees at the larger chains are unfriendly, it's just that when you're dealing directly with the owner, things can get done, even of they're unconventional.

This was the case with us when we rented from Voyager Car Rentals and Island Tours. John and Jennifer (owners) were awesome!

First, they picked us up and dropped us off from the airport for now charge. They also gave some tips about the island and suggested a number of places we MUST visit.

Second, we were interested in seeing some of the more rugged parts of island, so John went out of his way to swapped our economy car for a 4x4. He said, "Now go have some real fun and don't worry about the vehicle, it can take whatever you can dish out!"

Wow, we were blown away! And, the remote parts of the island were stunning.

At one point we ourselves into trouble with the local authorities. Because we didn't understand some of the raod sign, we accidently (on purpose) went around a security gate near the airport. The policeman, who spoke English very well, said we broke the law and there may be a hefty fine. The fine, apparently, would be attached to the vehicle's owner, which wasn't us. However, the policeman told us that we'll have to settle up with the actual owner. We called John, explained the situation, and he said not worry about it, he'll take care of it.

I doubt we could have gotten the same treatment from one of the big chain renatl places.

Thank you John and Jennifer!