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Australia itinerary direction advice

by Dtour »

My husband and I are going to be travelling Australia this fall (East Coast and Great Ocean Road). We will be there roughly from November 8 to December 25 and I've heard that up North in Cairns the weather gets very rainy in December. Since we will want to do the GBR and a Whitsundays sailing trip, we were going to fly from Sydney to Cairns when we arrive (in the hopes of getting better weather there in Nov) and will drive down the coast in a campervan back to Sydney. Does anyone know if this makes sense, or if we should just to the drive from Syndey to Cairns, arriving in Cairns in early/mid December? 

This is what our route currently looks like and any suggestions are more than welcome! (Note that we are planing to fly into Sydney and out of Melbourne) 

8 Nov, 17 Arrive in Sydney 
10 Nov, 17 Fly Sydney to Cairns 
10 - 13 Nov Cairns day trips (GBR, rainforest) 
13 Nov, 17 Campervan road trip begins towards Sydney 
15 - 19 Nov Whitsundays Island sailing 
19 Nov-11 Dec Driving down coast, stopping in various towns 
11 Dec, 17 Arrive in Sydney 
13 Dec, 17 Fly Sydney to Adelaide 
14 - 16 Dec Kangaroo Island (rental car) 
16 -21 Dec Drive Adelaide to Melbourne 
25 Dec, 17 Depart Melbourne