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Forums » Australia & the South Pacific » Best places to see in the Perth area


Best places to see in the Perth area

by Sunseeker »


What would you visit in the area around Perth?

I know the city of Perth is interesting and there's also the Perth Mint gold producing company... but what else is there in the are around?



RE: Best places to see in the Perth area

by GabSleeman »

Well, talking about the Perth area, it's a part of Western Australia. Places such as Botanic garden, Swan River, Beaches, Zoo, etc. It can show you an amazing view. As near to western Australia we can visit falls creek as it has an amazing ski accomodation falls creek which you should never miss it. As it is nearby to the Perth area. It can give you hotels, lodges and apartments to stay with a classy look. Do visit it once will have a great experience.


RE: Best places to see in the Perth area

by mquartz »

For Perth attractions, troll the web - plenty of websites to keep you informed. And check out Fremantle, formerly a separate town with lots of character, now just about a part of Greater Perth, still has its own charms in places, but not a best-kept secret, any guide or map will get you there.

For something not too many people seem to do or talk about, but something that is totally awesome, like nothing else in the world: The Pinnacles - see

You can get there and back in one day, it’s less than three hours each way, but to do it right you need two days, with an overnight stay.

Here’s how it worked for us: We got a car and drove to Jurien Bay, a nice fishing and recreation town about three hours north of Perth. We had a little chalet at the tourist Park,

You could also pick a different accommodation option from

We got up two hours or so before sunrise and were at the Pinnacles while it was still  twilight - that’s important, because a few hours later, the sun stands high and the stone and sand becomes one washed-out and blinding color, while in the first light the long shadows and the mild light provide incredible contrasts - your camera will LOVE it!

And there is nobody around, just a million of those strange stones, a few bushes, a few parrots, and you! You can walk around, take pictures from any angle, wait for the parrots to do their dance on top of those pinnacles where they have their nests, and when the first tourist bus pulls in, you’re back at your lodgings having breakfast and reviewing your photos...