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Forums » Australia & the South Pacific » Lamington or Springbrook National Park?


Lamington or Springbrook National Park?

by /bio/kohrla »


I'm going to be visiting Australia, and spending much of my time in Queensland, with a particular interest in rainforests and plants.  I'll definitely be seeing Daintree, but I won't have a lot of time in the Gold Coast hinterland area, so I'm wondering whether it's better to visit Lamington or Springbrook National Park.  The considerations for me are whether you can see plants and the rainforest without having to hike really long distances - I have some arthritis in one of my knees, and can get around, but not if I'm with a hiking group that's going fast and long. 

I've seen tours to both areas, and I'm also interested in where I can a tour with guides who are most knowledgeable about the plants.  I'll be staying in Brisbane.  Finally, I'm wondering which of the two parks is best for taking plant photos.

Thanks in advance.