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Forums » Australia & the South Pacific » Physically Disabled Solo Traveler in Sydney and Cairns


Physically Disabled Solo Traveler in Sydney and Cairns

by TazzycatNM »

I am a 51 yr old woman who is physically disabled.  I am buying a package deal to Sydney, plus adding a flight and a week in Cairns from 30 July to 14 August 2015.  I use a wheelchair, but I can walk up to 1/8 mile unassisted before pain takes over and I have to sit and rest.  I am looking for advice on finding someone, male or female, to help me with luggage and my wheelchair during my vacation in Sydney and Cairns.  Of course, I will need one person per city.  I am of course willing to pay cash to the person I hire, and pay for them to join me on excursions and pay for gasoline.  I think that there are businesses that care for disabled people, but I would rather pay cash to a local who needs the money.  The only hard part of this job I can see is that in Cairns, I want to go snorkling, and I want the person I hire to go with me and help me into the water and help get me out of the water.  I will be truthful, I weigh 250 pounds or 112 kilos.  It's challenging to get me out of the water and back up on the boat.  If I can't find anyone online, I will have to pay a business.  Any ideas of where to start looking for such a person?  Thanks in advance.

Pauline Frommer

RE: Physically Disabled Solo Traveler in Sydney and Cairns

by Pauline Frommer »

You might try working with some of the organizations that arrange for these types of services. Flying Wheels Travel pops to mind first as its been in biz forever. If they can't help you, contact That's the non-profit Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality. They should be able to direct you to companies in Australia who can help you. A final suggestion: GoWay Tours is one of the largest tour operators to Australia. They may have contacts Down Under they can share with you, as I'm sure they've had guests in wheelchairs/slower walkers in the past.

Have a wonderful visit!




RE: Physically Disabled Solo Traveler in Sydney and Cairns

by hirad2 »

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