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Forums » Austria & Liechtenstein » 4 day trip to Vienna


4 day trip to Vienna

by /bio/emilyhoffenberg »

Hello everyone,

A work conference is taking us to Vienna for 4 days. We will actually be staying above a florist in Vienna, on the first floor of a nice building.  someone  I've done some research, and I'm sure this beautiful will keep me busy. However, I'm not sure what else would be worth the visit from the capital? Within driving distance? I'm really not that knowledgeable about the rest of Austria. I'm really into history and architecture, and there seems to be a lot of nice medieval cities in Austria. I was wondering what you'd recommend, not too far from Vienna.

Thank you for any ideas you may have!



RE: 4 day trip to Vienna

by /bio/whatsallthis »

We very much enjoyed a day trip to Melk Abbey, involving a train ride to this lovely structure and town, and a boat ride down the Danube part of the way back. Google how to get tickets ahead, or ask your host. Highly recommend.