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Austria December 2018

by /bio/rbezzina »

Hi all,


In 2010 we went to Austria during May and we visited Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna and spent 14 days.  Now we are thinking of going back during December, and was thinking of going to Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz and Vienna and take different day trips, although we will still be visiting some interesting museums that we already visited in 2010.  I was thinking of spending 3 nights in Innsbruck, no day trips, 4 nights in Salzburg with a day trip to Linz, 4 nights in Graz and 5 nights in Vienna, with a day trip to Melk and Krems.  Now the question is this....what day trip do you suggest from Graz?  Do you suggest that I add another night in Innsbruck and remove a night from Graz?  We always use buses and trains.  Day trips distance shouldn't be more than 1.5hours one way with trains.  from Innsbruck in 2010 we visited Wattens, and Schloss Ambrass outside, so I'm not likely to visit them again.  Thanks.