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Forums » Baja California & the North » best restaurants Cabo san Lucas


best restaurants Cabo san Lucas

by /bio/taprgrl »

Haven't been to Cabo in two years, just want to see if there are wonderful recommendations from frommer folks regarding restaurants - ?

New or old & wonderful?  We've been to the little Maria Jiminez restaurant which was charming and had great food, & have been to Mis Suenos on the marina- it was nice, OK food but expensive in our view - Thoughts?

Any inside tips appreciated!

(Have not ventured to San Jose del Cabo for restaurants as yet, but we'll be playing golf near there a couple of times)




RE: best restaurants Cabo san Lucas

by /bio/suzeanna »

Misiones de Kino (Vicente Guerrero) was my favorite restaurant in downtown Cabo for food and atmosphere both

Mariscos Las Tres Islas (Revolucion de 1920) for fresh seafood

Maro Shrimp House (Calle Miguel Hidalgo) for... shrimp


RE: best restaurants Cabo san Lucas

by /bio/carlosbach »

It may old post, but I want to let people know that. There are lots of restaurants in this Cubo San Lucas, but there Street food is really amazing test. I have already spent seven days in Mexico Oscar Cancun Shuttle Service. Most of the time I was eating different types of street food.