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Forums » Baja California & the North » Hurricane management and recovery is nonexistent or very slow


Hurricane management and recovery is nonexistent or very slow

by /bio/riverbank »

The recent hurricane at Cabo San Lucas has desperate tourists complaining about the following:

1) No advance communication from hotels or authorities as hurricane neared or was occurring;

2) Afterwards, no Red Cross, no help from anybody even though hotels were unusable; and 

3) No help getting home and airport closed.

In 2001, four of us visited Cabo when there had been a hurricane a couple of weeks earlier. We found the same thing. 

We were astonished about the destruction of roads. There appeared to be one road crew working the whole area. The washed-out roads quickly turned into washboards, and as we landed you could see the lines of cars slowly making their way across these nearly undriveable paths. 5 miles per hour max. We couldn't drive to any of the outlying towns at all. And the stuff they put on the roads caused me a terrible allergy lasting well after my return.

Honestly, after a hurricane in Mexico, I would give it a full year before venturing into any Mexican tourist town.

Alaska Airlines' refunds lasting until November 20 are not nearly adequate.

PS. You wouldn't know it had even rained if you look at the Mexican tourist websites. Selling as usual, even where the buildings are not left standing.