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Forums » Bali & Indonesia » 8 Extreme Tours in Jogja That Will Make Your Body Tremble


8 Extreme Tours in Jogja That Will Make Your Body Tremble

by /bio/whoiam ยป

You don't need to go far to Bali to experience extreme tourism. Extreme tourism in Yogyakarta, you can also feel a place that can boost your andrenaline. This city is a complete package for those of you who want to experience a challenging vacation and a free body.

Various natural attractions offer extreme combined with the local wisdom of the community. You can feel the sensation of crossing the suspension bridge in the middle of the sea, until you visit the withered Volcano actively in Indonesia.

8 Extreme Tours in Jogja That Will Make Your Body Tremble

If you go to Jogja, it is very important to include this extreme tour into your schedule. Not only fun, of course this will be a very valuable experience to remember when you are older.

1 The Ancient Volcano Swing Swing, swings between two high cliffs

Ever thought of swinging between two cliffs? You can feel extreme tourism in Jogja while visiting Purba Volcano, Nglanggeran only by reaching 4 million people.

If usually the activity on this mountain is about climbing or camping, you can feel the adrenaline on the mountain like a bluffing swing. This activity challenges you to walk over the bones to the middle and jump down while swinging in the middle of a ravine as deep as 100 meters.

2. Merapi Lava Tourism, seeing the ferocity of Mount Merapi is amazing

Turning north, you can feel extreme tourism in other Jogja, the Merapi Lava Tour. The ferocity of Mount Merapi in 2010 made many changes to the slopes.

By driving a Jeep, you will feel the rough sensation of the field while exploring the slopes of Mount Merapi. Steep rocks and the rest of the past eruptions make this adventure more interesting.

3. Traditional Coast of Timang Gondola, feels above the big choppy south sea

You can feel extreme tourism in the south of Java by riding a traditional gondola on Timang Beach. This simple gondola is usually used by residents around Gunung Kidul Timang Beach to cross to the opposite island in search of lobsters.

Now, tourists can also feel the sensation of driving a traditional gondola on the waves of the fierce south coast. To drive it, you only need to pay Rp 150 thousand.

4. Gupi Paragliding Hill, feel the beauty of Jogja from a height

If you are looking for extreme tourism in Jogja, you can really try paragliding in Gupi Hill, Gunung Kidul. You can see the beauty of Jogja from a height while flying leisurely.

No need to fear because you cannot play paragliding, you will be accompanied by a professional guide so that security is maintained. Simply rent a parachute for Rp. 300,000, you can enjoy the beauty of Gupi Hill as much as you like.

5. Cave Tubing Gua Pindul, a cave in a fun way

Now enjoying the beauty of the cave is not only done on foot. You can try handing over the tubes at Pindul Cave to see the scenery of the cave while playing water.

Then, you and your entourage will use boycotts and decorative vehicles to walk along the cave where there are rivers flowing in them. When you get to the end, you can jump into a river or a pool of cold water.

6. Cave of Jomblang Cave, along a vertical cave filled with "light of heaven"

Not only being an extreme tourist spot, in this cave you can enjoy the beauty of "heavenly light" or sunlight that penetrates into a dark cave. Jomblang Cave in Gunung Kidul is one of the vertical caves that are already popular in foreign countries.

To enter it, you need special equipment and will be guided by a professional guide. The cost is around Rp 450 thousand per person if you want to see the beauty of this cave.

7. Kotagede Pocong's house, along the haunted house which is said to be inhabited by supernatural beings

Want to try extreme and mystical tours? In Jogja there is an old house called Rumah Pocong Sumi Kotagede.

Houses that are closely related to this mystical nuance are located in the Kotagete area, precisely in Banguntapan Regency. Reportedly, in this house many inhabited this magical creature and one of them is pocong sumi that often appears on the porch of the house.

8. Sinden Beach Suspension Bridge, he exclaimed walking on the southern sea

Not much different from Timond Gondola Beach, you will feel a thrilling sensation while on the suspension bridge Sinden Beach. Located in Jepitu Gunung Kidul, you will be presented with different nuances when walking on the suspension bridge.

This wooden and bone bridge connects Jepitu to Kalong Island. For that, visitors are charged a tariff of only Rp. 25 thousand.

You can feel a variety of extreme tours in Jogja. Don't use special equipment, the thrilling sensation is even more pronounced because the game uses traditional equipment.

source : 8 Wisata Ekstrem Di Jogja Yang Akan Membuat Badan Kamu Gemetaran