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Forums » Bali & Indonesia » Short Trip to Bali in July


Short Trip to Bali in July

by /bio/kimlen »

Hi All,

I will be traveling for work in Thailand and thought of taking a 3-4 day trip to Bali for some relaxation. I will be there around July 11th. I was thinking of a resort (where I could just stay there relax and still have activities - like yoga, a cooking class, pools, etc) and was wondering if anyone would have a recommendation for a solo female traveler? I would mainly like spa time, good food and a little shopping if I did decide to go offsite. Since I have so little time would there be a specific area recommended and a nice resort or hotel (not over run by kids) that would be between $100-$200 USD recommended?

Thanks in advance for your insight and advice!




RE: Short Trip to Bali in July

by /bio/mangatsingh »

I recently went to Bali and i stayed at The Oberoi Beach Hotel. That was the very good hotel and i hope your expectation will meet in this hotel.

Thank you