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Scuba Diving on Long Island, Bahamas

by /bio/caribbeanblue »

The Bahamas is home to some of the best scuba diving in the world with its clear crystal blue waters, 3rd largest barrier reef on earth, blue holes, sheer walls, ship wrecks, and shore dives. The clarity of the water alone will blow you away. There are many great locations to explore throughout the islands depending on what you’re looking for and what kind of thrill seeker you are. The great thing about diving on Long Island is it has so much to offer for a variety dives.

Deans Blue Hole

A must try for the adventurous is Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, the deepest blue hole in the world reaching 663 feet (202 meters) deep! Descending into the mysterious blue you can see colorful schools of curious fish and as you go deeper you will find yourself amongst sting rays and majestic manta rays. Deans Blue Hole is famous for deep diving scuba exploration and international free diving competitions and courses. Don’t miss this years next free diving courses with Vertical Blue Freediving School from Sept 15-19, 2014 and Dec 12-20, 2014.

Shark Dive

To get your heart rate going, there are scuba excursions to dive with the sharks! Cruse along the ocean floor as these mighty creatures swim and dart around you. Bring your underwater camera and mingle with Caribbean reef sharks, great hammerhead, nurse, bull, tiger, and black tip sharks. For those who prefer to experience it from the boat, sharks will hit the side of the boat with their tail fins to urge you to jump in!


Vast walls line the archipelago of The Bahamas and are some of the most impressive displays of vibrant sea life to explore while scuba diving. Walls are decorated with an array of colourful coral gardens, sponges, sea fans, bryozoans, and thrive with teaming tropical fish. Parrot fish, triggerfish, fairy basslet, and groupers are some of the sights that are sure to enchant!

One of the most stunning walls to explore located 15 miles east of Long Island around Conception Island, an uninhabited national park where protected wildlife flourishes. The wall has spectacular vistas and vertical descents starting at 40 feet and reaching down to thousands of feet deep, leaving all visitors in awe!

Ship Wrecks

Shallow water, mid-deep, and deep ship wrecks are common in The Bahamas for an adventurous dive. Explore Comberbach, a deep 100 foot dive of a sunken 1948 freighter that sunk in 1985 located in the north of Long Island near Santa Maria. Delve into the upright ship with a 1975 van still intact in the cargo hold. The size of the wreck along with being decorated with sponges and black coral make this dive ideal for wide-angled underwater photography.

Coral Reefs

There are a variety of colorful coral reefs to choose from and the clarity of the water provides for a unique scuba experience. Explore coral beds such as in "Rainbow Reef" and  over-hangs, caves, and valleys like in "Coral Gardens".

Shore Dives

Long Island is located on the edge of the Great Bahama Bank giving it a variety of rocky cliffs and sandy shores, diverse reefs and waters on the Atlantic and Caribbean sides. Bring a spear and catch some lobster or fish for lunch on your dive!