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Forums » Beach & Water Sports » World-Class Fishing on Long Island, Bahamas


World-Class Fishing on Long Island, Bahamas

by /bio/caribbeanblue »

Long Island is a fisherman’s paradise where you can try many different types of fishing from the popular bone fishing (catch and release), stimulating deep sea fishing, relaxing shore rod or spool fishing, or join the locals and hold your breath while diving to spear fish, conch, and crawfish. Surrounded by crystal blue and turquoise waters while you fish, this place is a nature lover’s dream…

A fishing permit is required if you wish to fish in the Bahamas which you can obtain at a customs port of entry to the islands. Different types of fish will have closed hunting seasons throughout the year to help protect and maintain the species. For example, grouper fishing season is closed in November. See Gamefish Chart below.

Fishing tours are available on the island where guides will take you to fishing hot spots by boat or car. Bonefishing is a popular sport to learn from an expert while in the Bahamas. The Long Island locals are very friendly and many are willing to provide useful tips and information for a successful hunt. If you will be venturing on your own, be sure to have the right equipment for the right type of fish.

Don’t forget a camera to capture a shot of your prized catch (or catches) of the day. If you plan to eat your catch, get ready to try the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted! Happy Fishing.

Bahamas Game Fish Chart: