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Forums » Belize & Guatemala » Heading Antigua??? Want to Know what do, where to go, and have fun? Download This Cool App


Heading Antigua??? Want to Know what do, where to go, and have fun? Download This Cool App

by /bio/antigua_live »

HI! My name is Kendra McLaughlin,
I grew up here in Antigua Guatemala,
I returned recently from living and traveling abroad and was very disappointed in the lack of general knowledge of cool and interesting things happening in town that does not all only revolve around drinking ( not a bad thing but it is not the only thing you can do in Antigua). I felt that people who are visiting AND people who are living in Antigua are missing out on what Antigua truly has to offer! It is a hub of culture, music, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and inspirational people who are making a difference. I wanted to be able to access all this information and be involved or support and more.... So I created and app for iOS, windows, and Android for free.

So now when I want to know what is happening in town I can check the app and check out where the live music is, who it is and the information is current and live, unlike some of the other media outlets in town. We have a photo of the day promoting local photographers offering a new perspective of what we see every day. We have a daily news feed of all the different events, concerts, talks, BBQ's, pub quiz, art shows,fundraisers, frisbee tournaments and much more... the app has different things you can do while you are here : yoga, capoeira, team sports, martial arts. And Also promotes for free, small business's or people who are doing inspirational things here in Antigua, along with where to find them and how you can help or be involved. Check it out! Great thing to have if your thinking of heading into town. 
Click here To visit the website 
App Stores: Antigua Live
Facebook: Antigua Live Today
Instagram: antigualive