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Shooting Ranges-Guatemala

by /bio/desaparecida »

I haven't been on the site in awhile but am back now and in need of your advice!  I haven't found a lot of info online but am looking for a shooting range in Guatemala City, around Lake Atitlan (ideally), Antigua, or anywhere in between and close by.  I'm not a citizen or resident and I have no special gun permits or class certificates, nor do I own a gun, but I'm simply looking for a range where I can rent a gun, buy some bullets, shoot at targets, and then go.  Local friends have told me this is possible but no one has info on it or concrete ideas and no one is a member of any special sport clubs where they might do this sort of thing.  I figured if I'm just renting the gun, using it, buying the ammo on site, and leaving it the equipment on the premises maybe I don't need all kinds of special permits?  Please let me know if anyone has any clue about this sort of thing, and if you have an idea of how much it could cost even better!