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Traveling to Guatemala with kids

by /bio/turpintine »

Hi everyone! 

The Turpin Family is ready for our next adventure since we're tired of the cold!  We've got 3 kids, now 11, 7, & 5 and since they loved Europe over the summer, I think they're old enough to handle something a little less "1st world"-or maybe the 5 year old is too small to be bothered by non-1st world things.

We're thinking of heading down just after New Year and as always are looking for any insider info on things to do, places to stay/eat/etc. We're probably down there for 2 weeks and want to hit the main points of interest so we've definitely planned time in Tikal (we're trying to decide how MUCH time and camping in the park VS renting rooms or a hut VS 1 night of camping and then staying in Flores; how much time would our travel expert friends here suggest?) and Antigua, and we know we need to hit Lake Atitlan.

What else would people recommend doing/seeing/eating/how to split up time? Antigua we're probably going to do 1st since it looks small and cute, and seems like a good place to get our bearings since it looks very airport accessible.  Do many people speak English in Antigua & the country in general?  Spanish is not our strong point sadly. 

Around the lake which town is best to stay in?  Panajachel, San Marcos, Santiago, San Pedro...? It would definitely be neat to get the kind of volcanic view where we could safely watch an active one explode so that would be Fuego, right? I see lots of volcano hiking tours for different ones and is there a certain one we HAVE to climb over others? We're pretty fit and would be hiring horses when possible but we do worry about the little one's legs or if any noxious gas could effect tiny lungs?  Is one town less touristy or cheaper, or more family friendly, etc? 

Thanks again for helping us out and Happy Holidays to all!