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Forums » Bosnia » Sarajevo and Mostar Question


Sarajevo and Mostar Question

by /bio/warlord »

  I will be in both Mostar and Sarajevo in May.  I was trying to find interesting side trips out of town to see interesting things (such as castles, or great nature areas).

  I know there's a walled city of Jajce which is accessible I think from either Mostar or Sarajevo, but was curious of other excursions I can do alone.

  The big reason is I'm trying to decide if I want to do 2 nights in Mostar and 4 nights in Sarajevo, or do 3 and 3.

  Just wanting to make sure I'm not over doing it by spending too long in Sarajevo, but want to make sure I'm spending enough time in Mostar in regards to attractions outside the the city for quick day trips...