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Forums » Botswana & Namibia » Namibia as a side trip from South Africa


Namibia as a side trip from South Africa

by /bio/darrenhumphrys »

I'd also like to visit Windhoek in neighboring Namibia but published arifares seem excessive. Any thoughts on local air carriers or even if it’s worth the side trip?

Should you not be visiting any of the wildlife-rich regions within South Africa, then a side trip from Cape Town up to Namibia may be worth the expense. A round trip of one to two weeks from Windhoek can include a plethora of quality wildlife viewing as well as the most amazing and diverse landscapes. If it’s just wildlife viewing you’re after however, then the cost of all this may end up comparable (or maybe more) to visiting South Africa’s Greater Kruger area. This itinerary of wildlife viewing in Namibia may help you. The local air carriers servicing Namibia include the national airlines of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia…the latter also offers a direct flight to Windhoek from Germany.

Darren Humphrys