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Forums » Brazil » Brazil Visa expensive...worth it?


Brazil Visa expensive...worth it?

by /bio/ikodimer »

Traveling next year to Argentina & Brazil. Traveling visa required for Brazil only. Cost is over $ 200 for what I anticipate will be only a few hours at Iguassu Falls. Already will be able to see the falls from the Argentina side of border for taking photos. Question is mostly directed at photographers ( of which I am a serious one ). Is this cross over to Brazil worth the big  bucks for a visa ( wife also goes, so is double the big cost ) for a few hours..? I am told that I can see the bottom of the Falls and even take a boat ride under the Falls from the Argentina side but I'm also  told that to see the panoramic view, you have to see the top of the Falls and that only occurs on the Brazilian side.. Trip is already a big expense. Is the cost worth the big visa expense  if were only going to see the Falls for a few hours ?