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Forums » Brazil » Evisas and Choromebook, warning!!!


Evisas and Choromebook, warning!!!

by /bio/evagoblin »

Although there are other threads on Brazilian evisas, I wanted to start a new one on this specific topic as I didn't want other people to page through many pages on the others to find this out because it was a very frustrating experience, in a nutshell, you can NOT get an evisa through a Chromebook, here are the details.

I booked a cruise on HAL, because the res. sales agent told me that the cruise line got bulk Brazilian visas onboard, it did not, and had I known what I had to go through to get an evisa I would have reconsidered. Fortunately I found out by asking another rep. a few weeks AFTER I paid and couldn't get a refund (story is on the HAL forums) imagine me being left on the dock, because of my misinformation (even though it takes 3 days to get one, I had heard that the ship can refuse to board you, does anyone know if true? 

 First and foremost even though VFS (the official provider for their evisas, there are others but they charge you extra and probably use their site anyway) claims you can use the Chromebook  browser, it will NOT work on the Chromebook. The other private evisa company might be better than the "official "company as they may be able to help as you don't have to register (which my chromebook wouldn't do) or upload the photos (you probably had to send it to them). I was desperate enough to go to the embassy and get one, but not only do they charge over a $100 more and you have to go to USPS and get a postal money order, but you STILL have to register online, negating the whole reason for me to go there!!!

The VFS CSA kept saying they would escalate it to the the tech team, who NEVER email you back. My friend did his on his desktop and  I begged him to help me and it went through FINALLY but there was trouble with the photos (there are a lot of questions on the internet about that so it's a common problem.)  On this thread one can get advice on downloading an app and another about how going to his AAA they were able to  resize the photo to fit their requirements (he said that was the most trouble he EVER had with an evisa..)

Unless you REALLY, really want to see Brazil specifically (you can see the Amazon from Peru and celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans)  after all that, I wouldn't advise it. 

Never rely on a reservationist alone, for visa info, if they have a documents dept, like HAL talk to THEM, but always, ALWAYS get a second opinion if you book directly with cruise line and if you book through a travel agent, who gets a large commission, don't book with them if they don't bother to find out, they got to do something besides booking since it's so easy for us to book online now. They way you have a person to "blame" if given  wrong info. (I am referring to whether on not the cruise ship or tour operator says they will get you the visas, not on whether or not you need one for the country, know you should check the country's website.)