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Forums » Brazil » Pousadas in Pantanal


Pousadas in Pantanal

by /bio/arsenaljob »


I am considering a trip to the Pantanal in October or November with my wife.  Any suggestions on pousadas that cost about $200/person each night with that including the ground transport from the airport to get the place?


RE: Pousadas in Pantanal

by /bio/passarinho9 »

We booked packages for both Mato Grosso and Moto Grosso do Sul onltine through Brazil Nature Tours based in Campo Grande. They arranged both our Pantanal packages, although we booked our own flights. They did a great job. I am sure you can find something in your price range with them.

In Mato Grosso, we stayed at Jaguar Ecological Reserve on the Transpantaneira Highway. It was a rustic, simple family-owned place with simple accommodations and food. it was not cheap, but the isolated, serene location was amazing--we were in the thick of things, and Eduardo, the owner/guide is highly experienced. We stayed three nights and saw heaps of wildlife, particularly birds, caiman, and capybara. You are surrounded by wildlife. Sadly, we saw no jaguars, just tracks, and no giant otters, but we went early in the season. Because of flight schedules, you might be obliged to spend the night in Cuiaba, four hours drive away. 

In Mato Grosso do Sul, we stayed at Caiman Ecological Refuge, three or four hours drive from Campo Grande. A beautiful place with excellent accommodations and great food. It is part of a large working ranch. Saw loads of wildlife here, too, but not as much as on the Transpantaneira Highway/Mato Grosso. We also road horses through the wetlands (bring old shoes as they will get muddy). We stayed in their Baiazinha lodge, which faces a small lake. We'd love to go back there.

We did boat trips at both Jaguar Ecological Reserve and Caiman Ecological Refuge.

There are many great fazendas you can stay at in the Pantanal. 

Don't go to the Pantanal in November, this will be the start of wet season.





RE: Pousadas in Pantanal

by ecolily »

I suggest you try Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua -

This is a new ranch that was re-opened in Dec 2012 located in the Southern Pantanal in Miranda. The ranch has package tours, including accommodation onsite and transportation, day tours (if you are staying in Bonito and just want to pop into the Pantanal for a half day, full day or two, three days etc) and also have onsite activities like horse riding, fishing, bush walking, jeep safari and bycicle rental as well as a huge pool and lots of hammocks. I was there earlier this year and they have an absolutely beautiful location with lots of trees and animals wandering around. Every morning you can hear howler monkeys going crazy in the distance and there were always giant anteaters in the fields in the early evenings. I saw so many animals.

I've been traveling Brazil now for 9 months learning Portuguese and have been into the Pantanal a couple of times with different fazendas in search of the elusive Jaguar and staying at the ranch has literally been the best part of my trip out of all the places I have seen in Brazil.  I even saw a Jaguar on the Miranda river when I went on one of the boat trips which topped everything. The lady that runs the ranch is Swiss and works with local indigenous members of the community so you can learn so much about local Pantanal culture, do cooking classes and all of the guides were great and suprisingly spoke 3 or 4 languages each.  I could rave on for hours about my stay here and have nothing negative to say about the ranch. It was so good.

If you want any more information feel free to msg me but I'm pretty sure you can also get everything you need on their website. 



RE: Pousadas in Pantanal

by janbra »

This is very interesting: Pousada Rio Mutum - Pantanal - Mato Grosso. Many activities: ecotourism, horses, birdwaching and fishing. The Pousada do Rio Mutum - Pantanal Lodge is located in the municipal district of Barão de Melgaço, one of the most beautiful regions of Mato Grosso´s Pantanal.

Florianópolis is a very nice Island in south of Brasil. I see many pictures of birds and nature of my friend fotógrafo Florianópolis.



RE: Pousadas in Pantanal

by kasi222 »

 pousadas is one of the best place in brazil package is also very comfortable and plus point is traport facility is also available in this package..