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Forums » California » Car rental in los angeles for driver under 25!


Car rental in los angeles for driver under 25!

by traverse1995 »

I was going to school last year for 6 months. Because i was 21 and car rental was so expensive for me, i didn't want to rent a car and at first i was using uber ,, but after 2 months i calculated my expensess and found out that i was paying too much for uber I start look around for cheap car to buy but because i heard many things that is not good to buy cheap car, i then decided to rent a cheap car. one of the students told me she was renting from this company and she was happy with them. I contacted them and the price was really good for my budget.  rented one car for 3 months and half and was very happy with them. they would come to my place every month to check the car and to renew my paper. the company name is arrow rent a car and the website is  , i am not marketing for them this note is only for young driver like me so they can contact them. even i had very good experience with them , but you should ask any question you may have to be sure you have all the answers and do your homework. few more tips in los angeles, cheaper gas stations are arco but you can pay cash or debit card. when you park on the streets be very careful with tickets necause is very expensive. you can get sim card for your phone from t mobile is cheap.  for rent a place or finding romate check west side rentals. good luck. I just missed la!