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Forums » California » TIPS: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip - SF to LA


TIPS: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip - SF to LA

by /bio/thcguy12 »

Looking for some tips, recommendations, ideas, itineraries, etc for the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.   We are traveling in February or March - not sure yet.   Which would be better?   We will arrive Friday night and be ready to start our journey on Saturday morning.  Saturday and Sunday will be spent in SF with family sightseeing.  She works at Google so we will see the campus, cruise the golden gate bridge, hit up haight ashbury, etc.   We will rent a car and drive the PCH on Monday through Thursday.  The question is where to stop, what to see, where to sleep, what to eat, etc?  We love nature, beaches, hikes, waterfalls, wildlife, etc.  Less so wine tasting, shopping, etc - not that important.  We like good food, strong drinks, meeting new friends, and good times.   Friday and Saturday will be spent in Los Angeles with my brother who works for Fox - check out the studio lot, film sets, walk around Hollywood, see his improv show, etc.   So we are looking for recommendations   1.)  How to time our itinerary?  What places to stop at each night?  Or should we do multiple nights in each city and stop less places?   2.)   Rather than stopping at that super popular tourist photo opportunity place -- what are the secret places that locals know about and tourists miss?  What are some places to skip (overrated)?  What are some places we must stop?   3.)  Suggestions - places to eat, budget friendly places to sleep, etc?

RE: TIPS: Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip - SF to LA

by /bio/mquartz »

February or March? Can be much of a muchness, neither is ideal. Days are short. Weather unpredictable.

What makes a place interesting to you? Here are a few that worked for me, off the top of my head. Your tastes may be different, but you didn’t bother to say, so...

I had a great time staying at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse hostel near Pescadero, hiking, photographing, birdwatching - see

Then there is Santa Cruz - a curious blend of the last of the hippies of this world (you’ll see the most body-art adornments anywhere), the beach bums, the academics, the super-rich refugees from Silicon Valley... Check out the oh-so-retro boardwalk for a bout of nostalgia.

Look up Monterey and see if there’s anything of interest to you - the acquarium maybe?

Big Sur is famous of course for its rugged and photogenic nature looks etc (Henry Miller, Hunter S. Thompson et al) - look for the ranger station by the main road, no more than a hut, and ask about access etc. Could be iffy in winter, so stop and ask. If you can go down to the water, take your camera! (Careful, your rental-car agreement may not let you!)

San Simeon is, in my book, a must - book ahead EARLY for Hearst Castle and make lodging arrangements accordingly.

I like Pismo Beach - say Hi to the cantankerous pelican who thinks he owns the pier...

Further down there is the Danish village replica of Solvang, cutesy and all that, but still, different, good for a stop and coffee with sweet bakery items. It is in the wine-growing area, maybe that appeals?

In Santa Barbara I love the cottages at the Harbor House (, worth a night or three for sure. The nearby pier is very touristy. Instead, walk the other way, to the harbor, and walk out on the concrete watchamacallthem, getting a bit of sea spray. Good eating in that harbor, too, I remember splendid seafood meals.

Closer to L.A., take the road up to Ojai and drive all the way through town to come out the other end, down into the fertile valley at Santa Paula, head east then south over the surprisingly drastic hills (bare rock areas looking like moonscapes) to Moorpark and down into L.A. from that direction. Much more to see and have fun with than staying on the 101 all the way from Ventura!

But if you want to follow the coast road for the last stretch through Malibu into L.A. (well, Santa Monica at first), make sure you stop at Neptune's Net for some seafood.

Hope this helps.