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Forums » Cameras, Phones & Gadgets » Instant access to Internet abroad


Instant access to Internet abroad

by /bio/pheymont »

A lot of the answer depends on your needs. Email plus some Web searching is one thing; heavy streaming is another. If your data need is heavy, you may need a local carrier's plan. Not only Vodafone and AT&T offer roaming services; nearly all carriers do. In fact, T-Mobile in U.S. now includes free (but not (4G) unlimited data roaming in 120 countries. I am using it right now in Istanbul.

RE: Instant access to Internet abroad

by /bio/aliceay »

It's really important to have an access to internet at the device while travelling. To use google maps, find a nice place to eat nearby, post in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, check e-mail. You can waste your time looking for free wifi-spots, or think about it before.

And there are some options to get it:

  • Vodaphone data roaming,
  • AT&T travel packages,
  • MXTConnect data-only sim card,
  • local sim card in each country you visit,
  • etc.

Please, add more options with your opinion about it. And what do you use while travelling?