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Journey of a Lifetime: Travel Contest

by /bio/photler »

Hello guys!

While browsing the net today I stumbled on a pretty cool photography contest and I thought that this info need to be shared with you guys :)

Especially that instead of winning another Ipad, there is a photo tour in your dream destination up for grabs. Check out what the info said:

“Hi guys,

Does anyone want to go on a trip to your dream destination? All expenses are covered for 3 days (you only need to pay for your flight ticket and visa costs).

We are so enthusiastic to give you this news! Photler wants to offer you the “Journey of a Lifetime” in Europe’s city of your choice for a 3 days photography tour with Piotr Kulczycki. We launched a landscape photography contest for the creative minds who like to express their creativity online. You need to document a travel experience using Photler platform. (a no brainer website builder for travel photographers). For sure you’ve got some photos sitting there waiting to see the light of the web ;)


All you need to do is:

Step 1. Create a website from a previous memorable journey using Photler website builder.

Step 2. Share your work online and get votes.

Step 3. Pack your backpack.

Sign up here -

Submissions open from April 3rd 2017, 12:00AM UTC+0 and end on April 16th 2017, 11:59PM UTC+0.

Good luck!”


This seems like a great opportunity. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful. Good luck everybody and maybe see you in the finals :)


RE: Journey of a Lifetime: Travel Contest

by /bio/mquartz »

Just wondering - who gets the rights to your photos? Do you retain them? Sign them over by accepting the small print (which I have not read)?