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wam app

New Free Travel App

by wam app »

Hi Guys,  

We have launched a new travel app called World Around Me that we thought would be of interest to Frommers users. It is a free augmented reality app for android and iphone users. It is great for if you are in a new area and want to find your closest restaurant, bar, gas station, church, basically anything. Below are the links for the free version. I really hope you like it as you seem to be our target market. Let me know what you think!

We have also launched a competition on our facebook page if that interests anyone, search  'World Around Me App'




RE: New Free Travel App

by /bio/ellavin »

This app needs only one more feature to be the perfect travel app --Press a button to WAM a location you will be at in the future instead of only where you are now. Even as it is I use WAM in all my travel. Get the app from Tutuapp Android download Version.