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Forums » Cameras, Phones & Gadgets » Photo on Frommers opening page


Photo on Frommers opening page

by kringenwally »

Flenfinnan Viaduct, Lochaber, Scotland - it's a very wide vista, really gorgeous, can't have been just one shot, must be a panorama, right?

Dear phellow Phrommers photo phreaks, please tell me if you think I'm on the right track here: 

The photographer used a levelled tripod and started to shoot from right to left, in the usual pano manner with overlaps, maybe three or four frames, then he aimed at the left-most segment and waited until the train entered the frame.

Is that it, or can you think of another way of getting this picture to come out the way it did? Could it be a crop of something bigger? But with the moving train...?

Might take a lot of clicks to bring this picture up on the opening web page - each time you click on the opening pic a random algorithm brings up another pic, and Murphy says that the one you want won't come for a long time... I'll go see if I can snag a quick screen grab of it to post here.

OK, I'm back - snagged it, here it is (click it to enlarge):



RE: Photo on Frommers opening page

by /bio/pheymont »

Not familiar enough with the topography to be sure, but my first reaction was one shot, great distance.

If it an assembly, masterful stitching.


RE: Photo on Frommers opening page

by /bio/captain-larry »

I likewise have not visited the site so I can't speak to the camera location, but I vote in favor of a long distance shot severely vertically cropped. But, however it was created, it is a lovely shot (or should I say "bonnie"?)

Way back around the turn of the century (about 15 years ago) I had, as my first digital camera, an Olympus model that had a panoramic setting. What it basically did was simulate a wide angle, but not fisheye, lens and then perform the vertical cropping within the camera. It worked quite well for landscape shots. It was a very nice camera, and I was sorry when it broke, even though it was a bulky, heavy booger to lug around.


RE: Photo on Frommers opening page

by /bio/andrea-suzette »

I really like the picture you took. Looking professional and it's very good choice for the banner of the site. Which stabilizer for the camera was used on this shot?