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Underwater camera or housing

by /bio/acapper ยป

Hi all...I'm trying to figure out which camera or device to get. I'd like to have it for a good amount of time and quality rather than just get something cheap for one trip. I love to snorkel and scuba dive but also just lounge around in the water and also surf (east coast surf). For my future travels I'm trying to find a nice camera that will be able to take clear pictures underwater (for carribean and clear, tropical water) while also being able to take over/under pictures getting good quality out of the water. I have 2 notes to mention-- 1. I have a canon that I love that I will use for my normal everyday landscape, 'people' pictures. 2. I have a gopro hero2 that I have not been too impressed with (got it as a gift when it first came out)...I use it for surfing at home so obviously the water isn't a beautiful clear blue color but I feel like the pictures and video are poor quality.

I've looked into a watershot housing device but am nervous using my brand new iphone for that, and wondering how pictures would be printing them out (have never attempted to print pictures from my iphone, just upload them on my computer). I've also looked into some other waterproof/underwater camera but would still love to have personal imput. I would rather not spend more than $150 and I am only interested if it has wifi and screen (another reason the old go pros are a pain).