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Forums » Cancun & the Yucatan » Best car rental agency in Cancun?


Best car rental agency in Cancun?

by retiredtolkg »

My husband & I are flying into Cancun in January, 2014, for a 10 day stay at a condo on the beach in Akumal. We plan on visiting various beaches and ruins along Riviera Maya so obviously we need a rental car for the duration.

I have been researching car rentals at various sites on the web and am overwhelmed with questions and concerns about rental agency reliability and what insurance I need. Most information is more than a year old and contradictory. I understand that even the best rental companies have their problems. That said, what car rental is recommended? Also I checked and our car insurance and credit card covers us in Mexico but say we should get the mandatory Mexico insurance - so what does THAT cover and what should I expect to pay? I have read that agencies include it in their fees, but then try and charge you for it anyway. 

We have rented cars in Europe, Puerto Rico and the U.S. but I've never been so befuddled. Help!


RE: Best car rental agency in Cancun?

by paweber »

Go to the Mexico General forum on this website. I have posted detailed information about auto insurance in Mexico and driving tips for Mexico. Also a couple of other sticky posts relative to dining and etiquette you may find helpful if you are first timer in Mexico.

Do your due dilligence by searching out reviews for Cancun based rental car companies. Understand what the rate includes and doesn't include when you get into pricing. Liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico, just like in the USA (if that's where you live and own a car), and by Mexican law you must carry a liability policy that is recognized in Mexico. 

Unless your car insurance was specifically written to cover you in Mexico and you have that in writing, then you better plan on buying the rental car insurance. Policies in Mexico must be written by a company licensed to do business in that country. Many US policies do not cover Mexico. 

Read my above posts then come back and ask questions if you'd like. 




RE: Best car rental agency in Cancun?

by /bio/55vineyard »

Good article,PAWeber. I take all the insurance even though I have credit card coverage. I have used Easyway 3 times and Cancun Renta Car once. Both will provide a quote with their rates for coverage,  should  cost about $35-40 per day for a small car like Nissan Tsuru or VW Jetta. Last two trips my friend rented from Easyway and I just paid my share of the rental. Both will pick you up at the airport and take you to their offices which are a 5 minute drive away. Be sure and meet them OUTSIDE, avoid talking to anyone past Customs and the outside, they are almost all timeshare sharks.

Two of my friends were in an accident last year, a truck hit them on the Tulum beach road and did not stop. When they turned the car in, Easyway just said "No problem" and drove them to the airport.


RE: Best car rental agency in Cancun?

by /bio/carlosbach »

I was there in Mexico for a few days. During my tour with Oscar Cancun Shuttle, I have noticed good thing that trip was more comfortable and more enjoyable. So I think you should contact Once this service.


RE: Best car rental agency in Cancun?

by /bio/manmendoza88 »

I have the same doubt, I heard about City Car Rental Cancún

I found great reviews, but Does anyone can say good things about this company?