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Forums » Cancun & the Yucatan » Mobility scooters in playa del carmen


Mobility scooters in playa del carmen

by Samira »

It has been very difficult to find the service but finally my 75years slow walker aunt could enjoy her vacation and me too.Our travel agent reccomend us Playamobility. They rent mobility scooters, standard wheelchairs, 4 wheels rollators, oxygen tanks and other products. Great service, very professional and affordable prices. Free delivery in Playa del Carmen. Persons with limited mobility, disable, handicap , Playamobility is the company you need to look for.

highly reccomended.


RE: Mobility scooters in playa del carmen


Why to rent mobility scooters , you can buy it from local stores and it will be beneficial for whole life. These scooters can be folded and can easily adjust in the car.So i suggest not to rent ad buy it.