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Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Worked!

by /bio/billiv »

I've rented cars many times in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and I've never purchased the optional rental car company insurance. Instead, I've relied on the rental car insurance provided by my credit cards. Until our recent trip to Italy, I never had an accident in a rental car, so I'd never tested how good the credit card insurance is.

This road trip was from Venice via the Dolomites and rest of the Italian Alps over to Lake Como and on to Milan. We rented through (used them several times before) and ended up with Thrifty, which is a Hertz owned company.  I declined the optional insurance as required by the credit card company, and we went merrily on our way.

No problems navigating through narrow city and town streets, toll booths, and over narrow and curving Alpine roads.  Alas, the parking garage in Varenna on Lake Como finally ended my perfect rental car driving record of 42 years. I brushed the right rear fender against a guide pole, so the boring original gray paint now had a jaunty splash of red and blue color.  Upon returning the car in Milan, the Hertz/Thrifty rep noted the damage and took photos that he sent to their estimator.

We were given an estimate of 238 euros plus a 50 euro fee while checking out. I told the rental car rep that I'd be filing a claim with my credit card company and he printed out the documentation I would need to send to Hertz/Thrifty.

A few days after getting home, I went online and found the forms I'd need to file my claim. Filled out the forms and scanned the accident and basic rental information documents into my home PC. Emailed it all to Citicard. 12 days later I received an email that the claim was approved and the full amount was being credited to my account.

It was easier than I had hoped it would be. Kudos to Hertz and its affiliates and to Citicard. The only thing easier would have been if Hertz/Thrifty could have filed the claim directly with Citicard for me.