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Forums » Car Rental, Bus & Rail » Follow up on Your Reservation Pricing


Follow up on Your Reservation Pricing

by yostwl »

I'll post this on both Car Rental and on Lodging if the copy function works.  I learned years ago to keep following up on car rental and hotel room pricing--as you get nearer your travel date, prices can sometimes drop significantly if cars and rooms are not reserved at rate to make the rental companies and hotels happy.

We reserved a hotel in Bilbao for upcoming vacation for $389 for 2 nights.  But every few days I checked the hotel website plus,, and a couple of other hotel consolidator sites.  Sure enough, there was a sale this week and we are now paying $338 and we now get breakfast included.

We rented our compact, automatic transmission car first through autoeurope at $352 for 8 days.  A particular car rental company had a sale this week that included a discount through our insurance company for just $228.  I called autoeurope and they bettered the deal by another $16.

So following up saved about $190 so far.


RE: Follow up on Your Reservation Pricing

by /bio/pdhenry »

For domestic flights I often fly on Southwest, and have learned that checking prices works to your advantage there as well.  In the event of a fare drop you simply rebook at the new fare and you get a credit that must be used within one year of the original booking date.  Most of the time I haven't had a problem taking another flight in that time.