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Forums » Car Rental, Bus & Rail » Magnificent Car Rental Service in Dubai


Magnificent Car Rental Service in Dubai

by /bio/ellis-mathew »

We arrived back home today after a wonderful vacation in Dubai and wanted to thank Formula One for their fantastic service straight away. Your friendly & relaxed approach to our car hire so enhanced our enjoyment of the charms of Dubai. The car was was delivered on time, terrific and did not miss a beat, felt safe, good to handle, neat & tidy. Another great thing is that there were no additional charges or surprises. It certainly made our time in the UAE truly unforgettable and very hassle free which is always a bonus when you're on holiday. I would highly recommend them.  

RE: Magnificent Car Rental Service in Dubai

by /bio/ashleydaniel2691 »

Nice to hear about your experience in travelling. I have also had a sort of experience in Canada. RIZ Car Rental in Vancouver has offered me with exclusive deals on renting car. During a vacation, I had booked car from a car rental firm, they have cancelled my booking at the last time saying some reason for incovenience. We were worried to miss the family trip, but at the last moment, RIZ has helped us providing the best combo cars for my entire family and we had the most memorable vacation ever! Really thankful to RIZ and I hope anyone those who are in search of best car rentals could approach them.