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Forums » Chile » Carreterra austral and Lake region


Carreterra austral and Lake region

by /bio/jmpdm »

Hello,am planning to drive the Carreterra Austral in March'19 from Puerto Montt to Villa O'Higgins but then need help from anyone who has done that trip please.
Should I drive back to Puerto Montt from Villa O'Higgins?(I have already visited the Torres Del Paine region in the past,therefore do not want to take the ferry to Puerto Natales)and then visit the lake region North of Puerto Montt?
There doesn't seem to be any ferry between Villa O'Higgins to Puerto Montt,and would be really appreciative for any advice in the area.
I've got 3 weeks in the area.
Thank you all


RE: Carreterra austral and Lake region

by /bio/dalefowler »

It all depends on you if like to visit there again then you can go there if you like the place and wish to go there surely you can visit there